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i love



The whispering song of adventure, a serendipitous meeting of two strangers who fall in love, the comforts of family laughing around the dinner table, dreams coming true before they are dreamt: life is meant to be celebrated.

I want you to remember the feel of the long walk down the aisle as you made your way toward your soon-to-be husband. I want you to remember the excitement of the future as it lay before you. I want you to remember your vows, and his, and the way he had to stop and clear his throat as he said them. I want you to remember your first of many celebrations at the start of your new family, two people embarking on an adventure together.

I want to celebrate this, your marriage, not only because I love weddings and family, but because of my faith in the ultimate love story.

I’m Sarah, a dream chaser, a lover of life, a passionate soul.

I travel the world in search of beauty, and find it in the simplest of things. Let’s wander off the beaten path, hop a fence to explore the unknown, chase sun rays across the globe, brave a stormy day, find your fairy tale, and make your dreams come true. I pour my heart and soul into capturing wedding adventures, and it would be an honor to capture your story.